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Size: 9.75" x 7.5"

Price: $150

Las Mujeres Cruz (The Cross of the Women)

This cross is created with cedar. The idea began as a gift to my mother, daughters, and granddaughter. Below is what was attached to the cross. Now this cross will move on to others:

This gift to you represents the gift that was given to me by my female ancestors. This cross was created to honor these women who were many times the unsung heroes and who made it possible for us to be who we are today or are becoming; strong, proud, powerful females.

The figure of the female in the center of the cross represents the beginning of it all, Mother Earth. The top of the cross represents myself in the center, my mother’s mother on one side and my father’s mother on the other side. The right side represents my father’s line with his grandmother’’s on each side of my father. The left side represents my mother’s line with her grandmother’s on each side and her in the center. At the bottom of the cross, the roots represent all the females that came before us.

The two doves above Mother Earth represent the joining of the families. On the right and left of the extended arms of Mother Earth are two pool shaped areas. These areas represent pools of tears and sweat that were shed by all of our female ancestors. The extended arms celebrate the welcoming and loving arms each of these women have had for their families, friends, community and church.

The cross is surrounded by hearts that represent the love that it took these women to raise their families.